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Where you can find everything you need from our New Age online store and Metapysical store. Also have Wiccan supplies at Light Life and Spirit.  We have a wide selection of unique and unusual New Age Pendant Jewelry, Talismans, Amulets and Charms Jewelry, many pieces are unisex.  You can find Celtic Jewelry, Pagan and Wiccan Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry to Fantasy Jewelry and so much more.

We even have Knights Templar Jewelry that any man would love to wear or be given a gift of these special pendants. Love the Nodic, Norse, Viking culture.  Shop this collection of beautiful collection of Viking Jewelry.

Expand your awareness of this world, the seen and unseen.

  We also have Ritual Candles to use during your sacred times and Incense to burn to hightened your senses to a higher sphere of consciousness Pendulums to use for divination to seek answers. All from Light Life and Spirit AltarTools section.

Himalayan Salt Lamps to create positive vibrations in your home or sacred place.  Said to help improve sleep problems.

Light Life and Spirit carries an assortment of Statues from Egyptian, Fantasy, Occult and Buddhish-Hindu and Eastern in our Accent Decor section.  

Check out our Love Vials Keepsake Pendants that hold small amount of anything you cherish; for yourself, from a loved one or a precious loved Pet!

Journals to write your deepest thoughts or ritual experiences.

Want to bring peace and harmony to your life.  Look at our New Age Meditation Music. A selection of serene, peaceful music. Music you can relax to, do yoga or even help you go to sleep listening to this.

Want to remove negativity from you enviroment, use Smudge Sticks and or Nag Champa to purify your home or sacred space.

Want to bring change in your life, use a Ritual Spell Kit to bring to yourself what you want.

Browse our Anne Stokes Collection for unique and beautiful Anne Stokes Jewerly and Canvas Art Prints.

Anne Stokes world renowned artist and designer that has created stunning Pendant Jewelry, Canvas Art Prints and Clocks. Wouldn’t you like to be the envy of the party, friends or family?  Anne Stokes Mystical Companions are stunning and made of 925 Sterling Silver with Gold accents.

Do you prefer Angels, Fairies, Mermaids & Pixies?  You must see the selection of Supernaturelles, also made of 925 Sterling Silver some with Gold accents and Cubic Zirconia.  Gothic Jewelry is more you taste.  Look at the Carpe Noctum Jewelry.  Beautiful Enchanted Cameos, Crystal Jewelry called Crystal Keepers and more that anyone would be proud to wear.

Anne Stokes Canvas Art Prints that are of an exceptional design that you would be delighted to display on your walls of your home.

Check out our new Carded Pewter Pendants.  There are 5 new categories of wonderful Charms and Pendants.

Shop our New Crystal Energy PendantsDouble terminated can absorb, amplify and emit energy from both ends at the same time, making them a great stone for cleansing and balancing the Chakras.  

Chakas and Reiki jewelry, Chakras candles, Reiki Charged Pillar candles and other supplies at Chakas Reiki.

We are still in the process of updating Light Life and Spirit adding new items, so check back soon!