Altar Tools

Altar Tools

                                                      Light Life and Spirit Altar and Spiritual Tools


  • We have a wide assortment of Ritual Tools to help with your ritual experience.  
  • We have Altar Cloths to place on your spiritual altar in many different styles, designs and sizes. Can also be used as a scarf too!
  • Amulet Pillar Candles with a unique use for each candle depending on what you want to achieve during your spiritual experience. Each comes with a special amulet that matches the use of the candle.  
  • Taper Ritual Candles chosen by their color for the intended purpose you are seeking.
  • Candle Holders that are special design for use with different size of candles.
  • Athames are a spiritual knifes or swords that are used in deeper ritual magic.  Used is to channel and direct psychic energy and for circle magic.
  • Did you ever need a way to hold your book or paper while performing your spiritual magic or spiritual work in your sacred place?  We have Book Holder just for that purpose.
  • It is often part of any meditation or spiritual work to burn incense.  We have Incense Burners, Powered Incense, Ritual Charcoal, Nag Champa Incense and Super Hit Incense.  We have an assortment of these items to enhanced your spiritual or meditation endeavors.  
  • There are many types of boxes for holding your ritual tools.  We have Decorative boxes, Ritual Chest, and Tarot Card boxes.
  • Chalices are used in many ritual ceremonies from many different religions.  Used as a means of ritual offering.
  • Tools of divination such as Pendulums, Tarot Cards and Rune Stones have been used for centuries for finding answers to problems of life.
  •  Ritual Spell Kits are a magic kit of all that you need to work your magic to attract to you what you want.
  • Want to remove negative vibrations from your home or sacred place? Then Smudge Sticks is one of the ways to do this.   
  • Singing Bowls are a way to help raise your consciousness into a higher level to uplift your thoughts and body into a more peaceful state.



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Roman Black Handle Athame New Out Of Stock

Roman Black Handle Athame

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