Light Life and Spirit Athames


  • Athames are ancient and powerful tools long used within ritual magic.            
  • Usually taking the form of a ritual knife or sword.
  • Most modern tradition holds that the Athame should never be used to cut, or otherwise perform mundane work.
  • It is only used to direct energy within your ritual magic, such as when the circle is cast. 


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 9 1/2 Hecate's Athame Out Of Stock

9 1/2 Hecate's Athame

Depicting a crescent moon turned on its back to cradle a pentagram this athame uses this time honore..


7 1/2" Horn Athame Out Of Stock

7 1/2" Horn Athame

Horn athame with leather sheath having a safety snap strap and belt loop holder. The athame is ..


9 1/2 Moon Phase Athame Out Of Stock

9 1/2 Moon Phase Athame

With a non-slip rubberized grip, this ritual athame depicts moon phases.  Bringing their power ..


Black Medieval Athame

With a long blade, cruciform cross guard and black hilt wrapped in a faux leather finish this a..


Black Renaissance Athame Out Of Stock

Black Renaissance Athame

Featuring the delicate lines and curves this athame features a slender double-edged blade and a blac..


Bone Damascus Athame

A bone handled athame with a short Damascus blade. Length and handle shape will vary .Made of bone a..


Dirk Wod Damascus Athame 13 3/4

An impressive athame styled after ancient persian design with a wooden hilt, damascus steel blade an..


Dragon Head Necklace Athame Out Of Stock

Dragon Head Necklace Athame

A hidden athame blade within a fierce dragon head. Wear it around your neck and keep the ferocity of..


Engraved Silver Boot Athame

This silver-toned coated athame features a brilliant hilt engraved in floral patterns.  It come..


Hecate's Winged Athame Out Of Stock

Hecate's Winged Athame

Featuring the symbol of hecate just above its winged cross guard.  This ritual athame brings th..


Pentagram Athame Out Of Stock

Pentagram Athame

The perfect tool for directing the energy of your next ritual or spell with the added protective qua..


Rosewood Damascus Athame

An impressive athame with a wide flat blade and rosewood hilt.  Rosewood and damascus steel. Ov..


Rune Pentagram Athame

This double edged ritual athame is decorated with a pentagram whose circle is etched in the wit..


Triquetra Pentagram Athame

Displaying a pentagram with the three points of a celtic triquetra at its center. Cannot ship to ma ..


Two Piece Scottish Sgian Athame Set Out Of Stock

Two Piece Scottish Sgian Athame Set

This fantastic set provides two athames crafted in the style of the scottish Sgian Dubh.  Canno..