Light Life and Spirit Chalices


  • Chalices has been used by many religions as part of there ceremonial ritual.
  • Chalices are an ancient ritual tool.
  • The Chalice is frequently viewed as a tool that represents the Feminine Divine.
  • Through ritual is sometimes used in symbolic representations of creation and fertility.
  • The chalice is sometimes also used in ritual offering and other such aspects  of ceremonial magic.   


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Dragon Chalice 7 1/2" Out Of Stock

Dragon Chalice 7 1/2"

Set the mood for your rituals, spells and ceremonies with this chalice, which has been sculpted to d..


Pentagram Goblet 5 3/4"

Appearing almost as though a traditional, wooden cup had been transformed to silver, this goblet fea..


Tree of Life Chalice 3 1/2"

A silver chalice with the Tree of Life carved on the cup.


Tree of Life Chalice 7 1/4" Out Of Stock

Tree of Life Chalice 7 1/4"

A wonderfully powerful chalice for ritual use. Hand painted, cold cast resin base with a stainless s..


Triple Goddess Chalice 5 1/2"

A silver-plated chalice, this cup features the triple moon symbol of the goddess engraved on opposin..


Triquetra Chalice 4 3/4"

This silver plated chalice features a delicate stem running up to a slender cup, skillfully engraved..


Triquetra Chalice 5 1/2"

Featuring a Triquetra (the timeless symbol representing Maiden, Mother & Crone, and eternity) en..


Unicorn Chalice 7 1/2" Out Of Stock

Unicorn Chalice 7 1/2"

Against Celtic knots, purple jewels, and a Gothic, medieval design, a unicorn is displayed on this s..