Incense Burners, Incense, Ritual Charcoal and Tongs

Incense Burners, Incense, Ritual Charcoal and Tongs

            Light Life and Spirit Incense, Ritual Charcoal, Incense Burners and Tongs


  • In many ways similar to granular incense, Powdered Incense is often a little easier to manage.

  • It can be added to a charcoal burner one pinch at a time, or in whatever amount you desire.

  • Also, though often you may find powdered incenses can also be use as a base powder scented with essential oils and other fragrances to create unique scents.

  • Ritual Charcoal tablets is used in ceremonial magic.  Tongs to easily readjust or to hold charcoal to light.

  • The Charcoal tablet is burned with powered incense sprinkled on top to add fragrant smoke to your special ritual.

  • Nag Champa and Super Hit Incense is the incense you always wanted to find again, but couldn't remember the name.

  • The best selling incense in the world, the name Nag Champa has become almost synonymous with peace and meditative clarity.
  • Super Hit is another fairly new creation from Satya. This is for all of you Super Hit lovers out there. 
  • Incense Burners of many different styles and selection to burn your charcoal and powered incense or any other type of incense.
  • Fill your home with pleasant and fragrant smoke of incense and bring magic to your sacred space.