Incense Burners

Incense Burners

                                                          Light Life and Spirit Incense Burners


  • Have a variety of Incense Burners for many different uses.
  • Many uniquely designed Incense Burners of all different styles, sizes and shapes to use with your  favorite incense.
  • A beautiful addition to your ritual tools or just to use in your home or sacred space.
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  4 1/2" Tibetan Offering Hand Ash Catcher Out Of Stock

4 1/2" Tibetan Offering Hand Ash Catcher

A heavily carved styled ash catcher filled with lotus designs, scroll work, vine work and various ot..


4 3/4" Tree of Life Ash Catcher

Silver toned metal detailed tree of life.  Having a total of 4 incense stick holes spread acros..


4" Owl Ash Catcher

Silver toned metal perched owl having an incense stick hole at owls center.  Its back..


  5" Om Ash Catcher Out Of Stock

5" Om Ash Catcher

Silver toned metal om. Detailed incense burner ash catcher having 4 incense stick holes around middl..


12" Flower Tower Incense Burner

This is a tall 12" gold toned incense burner.  With a pretty cut out floral design that can cau..


2 1/4" Brass Cone Incense Burner

Various designs of brass incense burners for cone or small stick incense.  The tops of these bu..


2" Happy Buddha Burner (set of 3)

Bring this trio home for all your incense burning needs.  Will hold stick incense or a cone.&nb..


5"- 6" Abalone Shell Incense Burner

Abalone shell incense burner.  They range in size from 5” to 6” assorted.  These silv..


5"- 6" Abalone Shell Incense Burner with Stand

Useful for burning cone or resin incense. Can be used as a receptacle for smudge sticks, holder for ..


10 1/2" Buddha Burner

Elongated cone buddha incense burner (no hole for stick incense).  Sitting buddha has gold and ..


10" Caterpillar Smoking Burner Out Of Stock

10" Caterpillar Smoking Burner

A purple caterpillar rests on a mushroom knoll with his favorite book, pipe and hookah.  Nicely..


10" Dragon Incense Holder

Purple and green dragon standing incense burner. Burn your incense with this purple dragon boldly gu..


10" Feather Burner with Aluminum Antique Gold Finish

Very nice size solid feather incense burner, shines with it's black base and gold fleck gloss finish..


10" Happy Buddha Incense Burner

Elongated happy buddha incense burner.  This happy buddha is sure to fill your space with good ..


10" Unicorn Incense Holder

A dreamy unicorn boat incense burner, pearl white based with shades of aqua blue within the incense ..