Incense Burners

Incense Burners

                                                          Light Life and Spirit Incense Burners


  • Have a variety of Incense Burners for many different uses.
  • Many uniquely designed Incense Burners of all different styles, sizes and shapes to use with your  favorite incense.
  • A beautiful addition to your ritual tools or just to use in your home or sacred space.
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4" Iron smudge and Incense Burner Out Of Stock

4" Iron smudge and Incense Burner

Gloss black finish on cast iron.  Use for burning incense sticks in the 3 hold section.  Y..


4" Skull Ash Catcher Out Of Stock

4" Skull Ash Catcher

Metal day of the dead.  Detailed silver toned skull with 10 total incense burner stick hol..


4" Tonna Tessalata Shell Incense Burner

Bring the beach into your home or environment with this beautiful tonna tessalata shell.4" length.&n..


5" Handle Burner Out Of Stock

5" Handle Burner

An antiqued copper bowl with two large loop handles for carrying.  For all manner of ritual use..


5" Midea Shell Incense Burner

This shell creates a perfect basin for burning incense or catching your ashes from your smudge stick..


5" Ouija Planchette Incense Burner

Colorful ouija planchette heart shaped incense burner.  Pretty design on the front depicting a ..


6" Shell Incense Burner Out Of Stock

6" Shell Incense Burner

Shells are beautiful sacred containers to rest your smudging bundles and herbs.  Recommended us..


7 Chakra Ash Catcher (7 Set) Out Of Stock

7 Chakra Ash Catcher (7 Set)

A set of 7 incense burners ash catcher representing the 7 chakra colors.  Each having their own..


7" Wood Handled Brass Burner

A wonderful incense burner suitable for cone or charcoal.  With enough room to hold sand o..


Black and Fuchsia Hamsa Incense Burner

Beautifully tooled resin with a black base color predominantly highlighted with fuchsia designing. T..


Cast Iron Burner with Wooden Handle Out Of Stock

Cast Iron Burner with Wooden Handle

This incense burner is perfect for burning all of your favorite powder, resin, and granular incense ..


Celtic Cone Incense Burner

Cone incense burner with a celtic knot design. 1 1/4". Made in USA.  https://l..


Celtic Horses Cone Incense Burner

A disk shaped incense burner with an engraved tri-horse design.  Representative of the celtic h..




A unique stick incense burner featuring a dragon gazing into a human skull with the stick extending ..


Dragon Cone Incense Burner

Dragons adorn this cone incense burner made of pewter with dragon heads for the feet.  Also gre..