Powered Incense and Granular Resin

Powered Incense and Granular Resin

                                       Light LIfe and Spirit Powered Incense and Granular Resin


  • Granular incense and powdered incense is often a little easier to manage.
  • It can be added to a charcoal burner one pinch at a time, or burn granular resin whatever amount you desire.
  • We have powdered version of a resin and granular resin incense.
  •  Powdered incenses can also be a base powder scented with essential oils and other fragrances to create unique scents.
  • You can also burn powdered incense and granular resin in our Incense Burner with Ritual Charcoal tablets too.
  • We also have cauldrons too to burn your incense in.
  • https://lightlifeandspirit.com/altar-tools
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