Tarot Card Boxes

Tarot Card Boxes

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4" x 6" Dragon book box

A nifty little brown colored solid book box.  Having embossed detailed double dragon entwi..


Brass Inlaid Eye of Horus Box 4" x 6"

Handcrafted, this wooden box presents a regal surface decorated only with a brass inlay of the Eye o..


Celtic Circle Pentagram Box

Carved with a pentagram, encircled within a pattern of Celtic knots, this wooden box is perfect for ..


Triquetra Box 4" x 6"

A handcrafted, hinged box offers an image of mystery and magic with its surface that appears seamles..


Witching Hour Tarot Box Out Of Stock

Witching Hour Tarot Box

A wonderful little box that fits most tarot oracle decks. Made vinyl laminated onto 3/16” MDF. Felt ..