Authentic Malas

Authentic Malas

                   Light Life and Spirit Authentic 108 Bead Mala, Special Collection, Wrist Mala

                                                Buddhist Prayer Beads and Mala Bags



Authentic Mala 108 beads and Wrist Mala beads Handmade by Family Based Artisans in Nepal.  Blessed by Dharma Buddhist Monks.  Sales of these Malas from the Dharma Buddhist Monks goes to the education, housing, medical support, and general welfare of monks and nuns.  Also the support of Tibetan Buddhism and Dharma project in United States.


  • Buddhist Prayer beads or Malas (Sanskrit: mālā "garland") are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited amd or breaths while meditating. 
  • They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions and therefore the term "Buddhist rosary" also appears. 
  • Conventional Buddhist tradition counts the beads at 108, signifying the mortal desires of mankind. 
  • The number is attributed to the Mokugenji Sutra wherein Shakyamuni Buddha instructed King Virudhaka to make such beads and recite the Three Jewels of Buddhism.
  • A decorative tassel and a guru is attached to the beads some with spacers to help with the counting.  
  • Mala beads are to "open the eyes" for the purpose of achieving Enlightenment unique to the Karma of each believer.
  • In Tibetan Buddhism, malas of 108 beads are used.  Some practitioners use Wrist Malas of 18, 21 or 27 beads for short meditations.
  • Mala beads are a string of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation.  They are also a beautiful reminder of our intentions. 
  • These mantras can be recited for different purposes linked to working with mind.
  • The material used to make the beads can vary according to the purpose of the mantras used. 
  • Some beads can be used for all purposes and all kinds of mantras.
  • Malas can be made from gemstones or other material that match the intention of your practice.
  • Malas are also referred to as Mala beads, Buddhist beads, Buddhist Prayer beads or Meditation beads.


  • Wrist Mala can be also used as a 108 bead Mala or just a bracelet too.
  • 27 beads (4 rounds of a 27 bead mala bracelet = 108)
  • 18 beads (6 rounds of an 18 bead mala bracelet = 108)
  • 21 beads (for chanting 21 mantas)
  • We also have a Special Collection 108 Malas that has the Best of The Best all in one place. 
  • Don’t forget a  Mala bag to carry that “special mala” in when you travel or when it is not in use.