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10 Minute Magic Spells By Skye Alexander Out Of Stock

10 Minute Magic Spells By Skye Alexander

With just a little guidance you can perform a range of spells.  Use quartz crystals to protect ..


1001 Spells For Every Purpose By Cassandra Eason

For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array o..


Big Book Of Numerology by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

His is unlike any other book on numerology because it reveals the science behind this ancient m..


Big Book Of Tarot by Joan Bunning

Joan Bunning's the big book of tarot offers a complete course on how to use the tarot cards for pers..


Book Of Faerie Spells By Cheralyn Darcey

Here is your invitation to enter the in between world of Faeries.  Come and learn magick with t..


Book Of Hedge Druidry By Joanna Van Der Hoeven

The book of hedge druidry is for those who feel called to explore a powerful earth-based spiritualit..


Book Of Tree Spells By Cheralyn Darcey

Powerful nature magick is yours when you learn the mystical way of the trees and listen well to thei..


Chakra Bible By Patricia Mercier

Chakras are the centers of energy in our body that profoundly affect our well-being.  Through t..


Clearing Spaces By Khi Armand

Out with the bad energy, in with the good! Khi Armand, a specialist in space clearing with expertise..


Cosmic Crystals by Ashley Leavy

Living in sync with the rhythm of the lunar cycle is a powerful way to stay aligned to universal ene..


Daily Spell Journal by Patti Wigington

This beautiful gilded journal holds an entire year of easy spells for everything from prosperity,&nb..


Dream Bible By Brenda Mallon

Learn more about dreams and their interpretation in this definitive illustrated guide, an entry in t..


Encyclopedia Of Crystal, Gem And Metal Magic By Scott Cunningham

Encyclopedia of crystal, gem and metal magic by scott cunningham easy to use.  This refere..


Encyclopedia Of Wicca And Witchcraft By Raven Grimassi

Raven Grimassi revised and expanded the award-winning encyclopedia of wicca and witchcraft.  Pr..


High Vibe Crystal Healing By Jolie Demarco

High-vibe crystal healing is all about working with crystals for healing, fun, knowledge, and a high..