Flags and Pennants

Flags and Pennants

                                                Light Life and Spirit Flags and Pennants


  • Colorful creations that catch the eye, decorate the home, and express your faith.        

  • Flags and pennants are a great way to display festive holiday spirit or spiritual devotion.       

  • Hang them within your sacred space to help create the proper atmosphere for magic or hang them outside to flow with every passing breeze. 

  • https://lightlifeandspirit.com/new-age-accent-decor    


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Pentacle Moon Pennant 18" x 16"

Portraying a pentacle overtop a crescent moon, this pennant offers a wealth of mystical meaning as t..


Tibetan Buddha Prayer Flag 8" x 9 1/2"

A traditional Tibetan prayer flag string made up of five repeating groups of five flags. Individual ..


Triple Moon Goddess Prayer Flags 60" x 29" Out Of Stock

Triple Moon Goddess Prayer Flags 60" x 29"

Featuring three flags, each one baring one of the holy feminine trinity - the Maiden, Mother and Cro..


Wiccan Wheel of the Year Prayer Flags 15" x 17" each flag

Including brightly colored 8 prayer flags designed to be hung with cheer for each of the solar holid..