Buddhist Hindu Eastern Statues

Buddhist Hindu Eastern Statues

                 Light LIfe and Spirit Buddhish Hindu and Eastern Statues and Symbols


  • Here we have collected an assortment of statues representative of figures from Buddhist, Hindu, and other Eastern cultures.        
  • These figures originate in the same place as the concepts such as Karma, Nirvana, the Tao, and a range of theories and medicinal practices that have explored mystical energies, herbal remedies and more for thousands of years.        
  • Place them in your home or upon your altar in reverence or as a reminder of the paths they represent and inspire.
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8 1/4" Kuan Yin

This 8 1/4" beautifully detailed hand polished, cold cast bronze statue, depicts the bodhisattva, ku..


8" Concave Bagua Out Of Stock

8" Concave Bagua

Used for thousands of years throughout Asia but predominately in China with later cultural migration..


Ganesh Sitting Brass 3" Out Of Stock

Ganesh Sitting Brass 3"

This small statue depicts the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings, the Hindu God Ganesh,..


Kuan Yin 5 1/2"

A wonderfully detailed statue showing the serene and compassionate countenance of Kuan Yin.M..


Lakshmi 10"

A wonderfully detailed depiction of the goddess Lakshmi bearing many symbols of wealth and plenty. ..


Shiva Nataraja 9" Out Of Stock

Shiva Nataraja 9"

A serene depiction of Shiva dancing upon a lotus blossom.Made of Cold cast resin. https://l..