Egyptian Statues

Egyptian Statues

                                           Light LIfe and Spirit Egyptian Statues


  • Here you will discover statues, figures, and other such imagery born of the ancient Egyptian culture.        
  • Who held their magical practices and worship in such importance that they carved their very rituals into the walls of their tombs and monuments.        
  • To preserve their records as treasures for the deceased to bring with them to the afterlife.        
  • Within these statues the rich story of the Egyptian pantheon unfolds, leaving you with figures for worship and reverence for the home and sacred space.


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Sekhmet Statue 11 Out Of Stock

Sekhmet Statue 11

A proud and fierce depiction of sekhmet brandishing her two curved swords.Cold cast resin, black &am..


9" Bastet Out Of Stock

9" Bastet

Smooth and elegant this depiction of Bast is traditional basalt black with gold highlights. This cat..


Anubis 12"

This statue depicts the Ancient Egyptian god Anubis, who was revered as the embalmer of the dead and..


Anubis Dog 9" Out Of Stock

Anubis Dog 9"

A beautiful hand painted, cold cast resin statue depicting Anubis in Jackal form.https://ligh..


Bastet 9" Out Of Stock

Bastet 9"

A beautiful solid bronze statue of Bastet in her cat form; highlighted with delicate hand painted em..


Egyptian Isis

A regal depiction of Isis with spread wings. Detailed silvery base with gold and copper red highligh..


Egyptian Isis Black Out Of Stock

Egyptian Isis Black

A regal depiction of Isis with spread wings. Made from cold cast resin and finished in black en..


Goddess Isis 13"

This statue portrays the beloved Egyptian Goddess Isis as elegantly fierce and motherly, gazing out ..


Hathor statue 11"

A striking and regally posed Hathor with her crown of office and a golden Ankh in her outstretched h..


Horus 14" Out Of Stock

Horus 14"

This statue portrays Horus, the God of the Sky, War, and the Hunt and the protector of ancient Egypt..


Proud Anubis 12" Out Of Stock

Proud Anubis 12"

Shown here as the stern guardian of the underworld, the jackal-headed God of the Egyptians, Anubis i..


Ra 10"

Hand painted in black with embellishments in gold this handsome statue of Ra.https://lightlif..


Sekhmet statue 11 1/2"

Sekmet in a powerful and ferocious stance in her cat headed form wearing her crown of office...


Thoth Statue 12"

Hand painted in black with gold embellishments this statue of Thoth.https://lightlifeandspir..