Fantasy Statues

Fantasy Statues

                                    Light LIfe and Spirit Fantasy Statues


  • Stunning fairy statues dedicated to the elements of nature.         
  • Adorable statues of beautifully detailed dragons with crystals.            
  • Dragons a symbol of protection and are loved worldwide.
  •  A must for any ones home or accent decor that loves the world of dragons and faeries.
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10" Frost Dragon Storm Ball

Watch the storm swirl in two modes as the dragon holds the crystal globe in his mouth with teeth exp..


5 1/4" Dragon with Multi Colored Crystal

An intriguing resin Dragon statue, grasping a multi colored crystal in his bold stance . Having deta..


5 1/4" Fairyland Fairy

Hand Painted resin 5 1/4"  Fairy figurine statue. Squatting with hands over knees holding a ros..


9" Lady of Lake

This 9" cold cast bronze statue is a beautiful hand polished statue depicting "Lady of the Lake" gra..


Elemental Fairy Fire 12"

Part of a set of four stunning Elementary Fire Fairy statues dedicated to the elements. Unbelievable..


Elemental Fairy Water 12"

Elemental Fairy Water stunning fairy statues dedicated to the element water. Unbelievable detai..


Elemental Fairy Wind 12"

Elemental Fairy Wind stunning fairy statues dedicated to the element wind. Unbelievable detail and v..


Pink and Purple Dragon with Stone 4"

An adorable statue of beautifully detailed dragon in pink and purple. The dragon lays resting with w..