Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

                                              LIght Life and Spirit Wind Chimes


  • Each of these fantastic creations has been specifically crafted to bring a display of music into your home.   
  • Each has a unique design of ancient symbols.     
  • Through the gentle ringing of bells swaying in the wind brings peaceful feeling to any atmosphere.
  • Can be placed in your window, on your porch or any even your sacred place.       
  • These wind chimes you'll find here are intended to help make your home a magical place that eases nerves and comforts the spirit. 



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7 Chakra Spiral Wind Chime Out Of Stock

7 Chakra Spiral Wind Chime

This wind chime has an etched brass spiral finished on both sides with 4 sets of colored glass ch..


9 1/2"Black Pentagram Wind Chime Out Of Stock

9 1/2"Black Pentagram Wind Chime

Stamped out of brass and painted black. This lightweight pentagram features seven bells that ring mu..


Three Bell Pentagram Wind Chime

Focused around a brass pentagram, this delicate wind chime makes for a melodic decoration for your s..


Three Bell Star and Moon Wind Chime

Hanging from a slender chain, this wind chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the traditio..


Three Bell Triquetra Wind Chime

Simple and elegant in design, this small wind chime is perfect for hanging by windows, doorways, and..


Triple Moon Wind Chime

Triple moon symbol is all metal with 3 bells suspended on chain. The windchime is decorated with 4 s..