Wiccan Practical Magick Celtic Snake

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Wiccan Practical Magick Celtic Snake

The Spirit of the Ancient Pagan Celts is symbolized by this original Abby Willowroot Snake design. The peoples Pagan Spirit was never extinguished in Celtic lands. Despite a Christian veneer, the Old Ways pulse just below the surface of these tribal people. Snakes powerful energy is of rebirth, transformation and cleansing.

  • Meaning of symbol printed on card.
  • This amulet are cast in “Lead Free” Safepewter™ Brand Metal.
  • Included with a 36" satin cord.
  • Made in our environmentally friendly facility in the USA.
  • https://lightlifeandspirit.com/new-age-jewelry

Dimensions: .75" X 1"

  • Brand: STL
  • Product Code: HWP04
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $13.00

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