Wiccan Practical Magick Witch's Broom

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Wiccan Practical Magick Witch's Broom

Generations of witches have used their brooms in rituals of blessing and healing. The broom has become associated with the witch because it was one of the few possessions a humble, rural woman had in the dark and middle ages. Half-remembered knowledge of the ageless powers of witchcraft, stories of flying brooms and witches fill our folktales and imagination.

  • Meaning of symbol printed on card.
  • This amulet are cast in “Lead Free” Safepewter™ Brand Metal.
  • Included with a 36" satin cord.
  • Made in our environmentally friendly facility in the USA.
  • https://lightlifeandspirit.com/new-age-jewelry

Dimensions: 1.5" X .5

  • Brand: STL
  • Product Code: HWP02
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  • $13.00

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