Egyptian Jewels of Atum Ra

Egyptian Jewels of Atum Ra

                                   Light Life and Spirit Jewels of Atum Ra Pendants and Earrings


  • The Egyptian mysteries hold the key to sacred truth and eternal wisdom.        
  • Embracing the ancient secrets of our most magical and spiritual ancestors.
  • These precious amulets are reputed to offer the wearer life-enhancing empowerment.      
  • This collection features 16 exquisite pieces of Egyptian jewelry crafted in pewter and embellished with silver, gold and/or crystals.      
  • The Ankh, Bast, Eye of Horus, Cleopatra's Love Cartouche and an Opening Mummy Locket are just some of the highlights of this collection.
  • These pendants are provided with a 18 inch chain.
  • They are attractively packaged in a transparent jewelry box.


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