Gothic Galraedia

Gothic Galraedia

                                                    LIght Life and Spirit Galraedia Pendants


  • At the edge of the unconscious mind lies an Otherworld, the land of Galraedia, where shimmering myth shadows reality.
  • These enchanted symbols, secrets of Galraedia's sacred land, hold the key to magical transformation.
  • The exquisitely sculpted gothic fantasy pieces in this collection are produced in pewter.
  • Enhanced with silver, gold, and Swarovski crystals.
  • Each piece comes with a matching chain.
  • Is presented in a hallmarked Galraedia jewellery box.
  • With its meaning and origins explained on the label inside the lid. 


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Zotz, Warning of Hidden Dangers

Supernatural Zotz wings swiftly through Galraedia’s murky dusk, a silent and secret companion seeing..