Light Life and Spirit Athames


  • Athames are ancient and powerful tools long used within ritual magic.            
  • Usually taking the form of a ritual knife or sword.
  • Most modern tradition holds that the Athame should never be used to cut, or otherwise perform mundane work.
  • It is only used to direct energy within your ritual magic, such as when the circle is cast. 


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Celtic Athame

A beautiful and powerful Celtic Athame with a lacework Celtic Knot handle, double edged blade and a ..


Eastern Dragon Athame

The Eastern Dragon Athame has an elegant appearance and is decorated with the image of a winding ori..


Egyptian Mummy Athame Set

This set of two Athames have a handle and pommel sculpted into the shape of a mummy in Osiris pose, ..


Gothic Athame

Heavy weight and decorated in a gothic styling, with silver inlays over a black handle, this athame ..


Ornate Greek Athame

With its handle featuring a man sculpted in the Greek style, this ornate Athame brings to life the i..


Scottish Athame 8 1/2"

A stunning example of a Scottish dagger with stainless steel blade and pewter lacework handle with m..


Two Tone Athame

Decorated with elaborate scroll work in tones of silver and gold, this ritual athame seems to be ins..