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Amulets of the World Pentacle Love

This talisman for use as a Philtre (love-spell) may be relied upon under all circumstances, and it w..


Celtic Nidhogg Dragon for Resolving Difficulties

Nidhogg the Viking serpent of immortality thrives in the dark underworld of Niflhelm. This pendant i..


Celtic Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendant for Love and Loyalty

Small Claddagh Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver.  See matching earrings (product SS10).Ce..


Egyptian Horus Amulet for Safety on Journeys

Son of Isis and Osiris, Sun God Horus lent his image as a falcon to the hieroglyphic symbol meaning ..


Immortal Flight Canvas Art Print by Anne Stokes

Our Mounted Immortal Flight Canvas Art Prints feature vibrant artwork from Anne StokesPr..


Rosy Croix Power Pendant for Youthfulness

For millennia and across many cultures, the rose has symbolized paradise and resurrection. Regarded ..


 Rune Pendants Feoh for Possessions Out Of Stock

Rune Pendants Feoh for Possessions

Possessions. Power and Wealth and the responsibility to manage it wisely. Herb is Nettle. Tree is El..


Rune Pendants Ing for Fertility

Fertility. A symbol associated with the male God Ing, consort of the Earth Mother, protector of hear..


Rune Pendants Sigel for Victory

Victory. Clear victory in obtaining goals. The symbol of vital solar energy and the importance of li..


Rune Pendants Ur for Strength

Strength. Primal power of strength and perseverance embodied in the creative potential. Signifies th..


Sterling Silver Pentapha Tree of Life Pendant for Protection

Tree of Life Pentagram Pendant Amulet Pendant Made with Cubic Zirconia in .925 Sterlin..


Wiccan Practical Magick All Seeing Eye

The hamsa or eye in the palm of a hand, is an Arabic and Jewish apotropaic amulet for magical p..


Wiccan Practical Magick Celtic Snake

The Spirit of the Ancient Pagan Celts is symbolized by this original Abby Willowroot Snake design. T..


Wiccan Practical Magick Elven Star

The heptagram is known among neo-Pagans as the Elven Star or Fairy Star. It is treated as a sacred s..


Wiccan Practical Magick Waxing Moon

The goddess, the most ancient deity, was revered from Britain to China for eons. Goddess figurines h..